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The Fool’s Agenda has been described as “Woodstock and grunge thrown in a blender”. By combining pop-punk drums with groovy guitar solos and ethereal powerhouse vocals, the Fools don’t shy away from making noise.

Founded by front woman Rhiannon Raine, The Fool’s Agenda began with a bang. Their first gig was only two weeks after their formation, and their first EP, From the Underground, followed four months later. In the brief stint of time between their formation and the beginning of COVID-19, The Fools played everything from bar shows in their hometown of Salem, Massachusetts, to festivals and county fairs, and split bill shows with bands from around the Northeast.

The Fool’s Agenda released their debut album, Reversing the Tower, in October of 2021 which quickly garnered attention, particularly Tell Me a Lie, the fourth track off the album.

The Fool’s Agenda is:

Rhiannon Raine – vocals

Kyle Erickson – guitar

Will Bemiss – guitar

Jon Gray – bass

Kamryn Bode – percussion






“The band’s sound is mired in classic rock nostalgia with a modern twist that makes the group relatable to the constantly shifting musical climate.”


“The Fool’s Agenda just gave us a rock opus of an album that plays out like a concept record and brings together garage rock, classic rock, and more along with lively soulful vocals that tell stories with great detail.”

– Buzzslayers

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16 Lathrop St
Apt A
Salem, MA 01970

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