The Fool’s Agenda has been described as “Woodstock and grunge thrown in a blender”. By combining pop-

punk drums with classic-rock-influenced guitar solos and ethereal powerhouse vocals, the self-proclaimed

fools have no problem making a lot of noise. The Fool’s Agenda began with a bang, with their first gig only twoweeks after formation and their debut EP, From the Underground, following four months later. In the brief stint of time between their formation and the beginning of the coronavirus, The Fools played everything from bar

shows in their hometown of Salem, Massachusetts, to county fairs, and split bill shows with other Boston

based acts in the city. 

Over the last year, The Fool’s Agenda has been hard at work on their anticipated follow up to From The

Underground: a full length album entitled Reversing the Tower, set to drop in the summer of 2021. 

The Fool’s Agenda is:

Rhiannon “Raini” Callahan (vocals)

50% witch. 50% Catholic. 100% issue.

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Conor Reinold (guitar)

50% Armenian. 25% Italian.

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Kyle Erickson (guitar)

We thought he went to college for music, that’s how good he is.

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Jon Gray (bass)

Two legs. One Lord of the Rings tattoo. Zero fucks given.

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Kamryn Bode (drums)

He came to hit things and wear tank tops… and he’s all out of tank tops.

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